Change Strings and Tuning in Tuxguitar

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up different string tunings and change the number of strings in TuxGuitar.

First, locate the track list towards the bottom of the window:


Double click in any of the named columns. You will get up a dialog to configure the track you selected:


Select the number of strings you want for the track in the strings selection box. You can either type a number or use the up and down arrows next to the box.

We want to set up a five string bass with drop-A tuning, so we select 5 strings:


Notice that the number of selection boxes to the right in the dialog changes, we not have only five boxes with note names in them.

We change the lowest string (with the B1 tuning) and change it to an A1 tuning:


Now to change the name of the track to something that describes the instrument you want to tab, click the hammer icon next to the instrument name:


This brings up another dialog where we can change the name of the instrument:


We change it to "Drop A Bass":


Then select the drop down box below the name to select a sound to use when playing the track:


We select the fingered bass sound:


Now close the dialog, clik OK in the previous dialog, and your track should be set up with the instrument and tuning that you want.


Happy tabbing!