Ardour Track Templates

Here’s a simple but useful trick when using Ardour. Often I spend quite some time setting up a perfect track for a specific task, perhaps a vocal track with just the right compression and reverb, or maybe a the big fat bass sound that is just right for recording basslines for my band. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save the setup for just this specific track? Well, it turns out you can! Here’s a short writeup on how.

Right click on the name of the track you would like to save as a template in the mixer strip:

template tracks 1

You can do this either in the mixer window, or as here in the mixer strip to the right of your tracks in the main window.

Select "Save as template…​" from the menu that pops up.

template tracks 2

Give your template a name:

template tracks 3

That’s it!

Use the template

Next time you want to add a new track, the template is available in the "Configuraion"-dropdown in the "Add track dialog":

template tracks 4

The new track will have all the plugins and settings that it had when you saved the template. Makes it easier to use a consistent setup across sessions, and saves you some time tinkering and fiddling with the various plugins when you just want to record.